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Meeting 2 summary

The 2nd meeting of OLPC UK pilot team was held last evening. Again we are driving toward a successful group with some excellent progress in a couple of areas:

OLPC UK Library

Martin Dengler updated us on progress regarding the OLPC UK Library. We now have a library of 10 operational XO's for use increasing interest in and knowledge of XO's in the UK

For enquiries regarding the Library (either in terms of how the XO's are to be used, and in terms of those wanting to assist) please contact Martin directly.

UK School Pilot

At the last meeting it was agreed that having a successful pilot deployment to demonstrate XO and OLPC capability was critical for the success of OLPC UK. Thanks to Warren Pimm we now have 2 schools who want to explore this option.

A number of commitments were made by attendees last night; we look foreward to their report back at OLPC UK meeting 3 on the 27th May:

  • Warren will lead a full pitch team who will be responsible for securing the final confirmation from the schools, and the finalising the timing of each pilot.
  • Warren and Martin Dengler to explore the best way to source the XO's and related hardware for the pilot
  • Peter Robinson to lead the deployment team - this is a large job and will have responsibility for the required support services during the pilot as well as ensuring delivery of the technical requirements. Anyone with skills that may assist Peter please contact him directly from the mailing list


I look forward to seeing as many people as possible at the next meeting; the pilot is an exciting opportunity for OLPC UK to leverage and the more involved people the better.


Original version of these notes was sent to the olpc-uk mailing list.