OLPC Update.1 Software Release Notes Activity Testing Results

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Here are is a cursory test of almost all of the activities on the OLPC Activities wiki page. All tests were done on\

All of these activities were downloaded from the wiki page then installed using the Customization key. I did not test out TamTam because I couldn't figure out how to install it on the XO without an XO bundle. Berrybw 01:20, 27 March 2008 (EDT)

Which Activities Don't Work

  • OurStories v.1-beta
  • Mimic v.1
  • MaMaMedia Storybuilder v.12  :( really an awesome activity
  • Tuxpaint v.1 --> doesn't run at all
  • Schoolsplay v.0.4- runs but display screwed up, hard to read
  • MaMaMedia Creative Center v.3 - works but doesn't do __anything__
  • Kuku - doesn't run
  • Inferno - doesn't run
  • Dr. Geo II - v.104 does run but really, really slowly even once loaded
  • Watch & Listen v.10 doesn't even show an icon in the activity panel
  • Sonata -- sugar wrapper appears to be broken
  • xoget -- sugar wrapper appears to be broken

What Works

All of these activities at least start. I did not try sharing, saving, or gameplay.

  • Scratch - but takes around 2 minutes to close it
  • Words
  • Newsreader runs but very slowly
  • Maze
  • Speak
  • Browse
  • Write
  • Paint
  • Measure
  • Etoys
  • Memorize
  • StarChart
  • Moon
  • SimCity
  • Record
  • TurtleArt
  • SocialCalc
  • Ruler
  • PlayGo
  • PollBuilder runs, but Lesson Plans don't render properly, appears to be xml-1.0, UTF-8
  • MaMaMedia Learning Center
  • Jokebook
  • Jump
  • Jigsaw Puzzle
  • XoIRC
  • Implode
  • Frotz
  • XaOS
  • Flipsticks

Other issues

In general, Etoys-based activities start pretty quickly but take a long time to shutdown, literally 2 minutes.