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OLPC Uruguay/Cardal

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See also the general page about Plan Ceibal in Uruguay.

Cardal (in department of Florida) was the first Uruguay pilot site.

School   : Italia, Nº 24 : Escuela
Since    : 2007-05-10    : Desde
Students : ~150          : Alumnos
Laptops  : ~150? (1:1)   : Laptops
Tot.Pop. : ~2,000        : Pob.Tot.


"Here are the photos uploaded to Cardal's school blogs with XO laptops." 
"The experience was incredible, there are many details to comment that I promise to continue blogging in the next days. At the moment you can see the gallery of photos that I took in the place." 
"I could see live the long awaited scenes of classrooms where every child is working with his laptop."
World Politics Review 
"Uruguay Could Become a Model for Low-Cost Laptop Programs." 
TV-journal note about the evolution of the project 
A meeting with parents at Villa Cardal


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