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Projects supporting OLPC for Haiti and the existing OLPC Haiti program.

Thanks for helping! Also see our evolving Frequently Asked Questions.

Haitian Kreyol Translation Community

Much of the Sugar Interface and activities have been localized into Haitian Kreyol by volunteers, but more work is needed and new activities are added all the time. If you can help, register on our translation server and join the olpc-haiti list to get started. Also consider our Localization list for general/software translation issues.

Meet the people involved in our collaboration space where non-Kreyol speakers' skills are needed too!


E-Books in Kreyol and French

Please find and help translate/donate openly licensed e-books -- particularly to Haitian Creole and French, using the .epub format where possible. Please engage others to help you with this critical effort on the Bookreader list and Localization list.


We've received an offer of free shipping to Haiti around redonated laptops, but would appreciate similar offers -- please contact volunteer@laptop.org if you can offer concrete help in any way.

Independent Projects supported by OLPC's Contributors Program

Please apply to OLPC's Contributors Program if you're building learning/software projects that will have impact, sharing results with others, as part of an independent project. In some isolated cases, groups specializing in disaster response and early planning efforts around rebuilding are already using XO's directly today in Haiti.

Please join in the discussion if you can contribute directly to any efforts such as above.