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OLPCorps: Ashesi University College, Ghana
Project Summary:
We are a team of 4 undergraduate students of Ashesi University College, Ghana and we really want to make an impact on underprivileged children in Bepong Methodist Primary, Bepong R/C Primary, Bepong Presby Primary A & B and Bepong L/A Primary, Ghana. Most Ghanaian children are not exposed to technology and the use of computers, and this limits their ability to be productive in our present technologically advanced world. Through this project, we hope to introduce them to the use of computers and help them acknowledge the importance of technological advancement in Africa and the world.

Main Plan:
We will be working with children (ages 6 to 12) from 4 primary schools in groups of four. Each group will be made up of 25 students, who will have hourly sessions every day. We will be working with the Save the Poor International organization, a non-governmental organization which deals with educating children in rural areas and is situated in the Eastern Region of Ghana. They will assist us with a storage facility where the XOs would be kept. They will provide us with a list of four schools in neighbouring districts in Kwahu that lack amenities that are needed for the effective teaching of IT related subjects. Each group of 25 children will have a one hour training session every day (from Monday to Friday). In order to maximize teaching effectiveness, all four students in our group will be involved in each training session at a time. As the children will be on vacation, the NGO will randomly select 25 pupils from each school who will be really interested and will be ready to take part in the project. The NGO, we are working with would inform the school authorities of the time period within which the programme would be carried out so that the children who would be on vacation during that period would be available. During the training session, the most hardworking and diligent students will be awarded every week. This will help in sustaining their interests and their commitment to the project. One day of every week will be dedicated to discussion sessions where we will hear what the children have to say about their training sessions, and where we will explain to them the main objectives of the program. We will have discussions about their opinions towards education, and other topics such as discipline, future leadership, our country Ghana and how we need to move the country in better directions. These discussions will not be too advanced and we will make sure it is done at a level they will understand.

We would handover our project to the Save the poor international Ngo at the end of August. The NGO has assured us of their continued involvement in this life enriching project. Computer clubs, headed by personnel of the NGO whom we would have already trained, would be the medium through which the project would be sustained. The clubs would be formed in each of the four schools and would meet weekly on days assigned for school club activities. The clubs from the different schools would meet monthly so as to enable the children to share and exchange ideas, thus giving them a more fulfilling experience. At least two team members with family ties in the Eastern Region would visit the schools during college break to check up on the children and their laptops.

Team Background:
Isaac Dorgbefu
• Worked with children (5-14 yrs) with special needs at the New Horizon School, Ghana
• Taught and interacted with 6-year olds for one year at Ghana International School
• Currently undertaking a Computer Science major at Ashesi University College

Afua Boateng
• Has experience teaching at the Sunday School primary class of Mount Zion Methodist Church, Ghana
• Is a native of Kwahu in the Eastern Region

Reindolf Ampofu
• Has experience teaching children at the Garrison Methodist Presby Church, Ghana
• Currently undertaking a Management Information Systems at Ashesi University College

Joycelyn Abeasi
• Done volunteer work through the International Baccalaureate programme
• Taught a number of primary schools in Tema, Ghana