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To ensure that the Ultimate aim of the OLP Corp Africa i.e. child ownership, low ages, saturation, connection, free and open source, together with our passion and dedication sees the light of day.


Our team is made up of 3 students who are always ready to lend a helping hand to the handicapped and the less privileged. Jonathan Asiedu Amos, Isaac Appiah, Joshua Tabu Shehe form the team and are students of Ashesi University College in Ghana. We have partnered with a school in Kamwaura community in Kenya called the Great Community Trust Academy. Kamwaura is a ghetto where majority of the habitants are uneducated, though education is free at the basic level. Fortunately, this academy is among the few schools in the area that are reaching out to the younger ones through education. They are affiliated to an NGO called Great Commission Trust registered in Kenya that serves the rural communities in three areas: health, education and disasters management. The Great Commission Trust runs an educational centre in their community which targets children between the ages of 3-16. They also support the poor, orphaned and vulnerable children affected with HIV and internal conflicts. We strongly believe that these are the sort of schools to be focused on in terms of assistance. Research confirms that the children will be in school from the month of June to mid August which makes our work easier. Together with the school’s administration we will decide on an appropriate time that we can be in the classrooms for ICT lessons. Our goal will be for them to first know what ICT is all about and appreciate what the laptops can do. We shall collaborate with their tutors to achieve a better outcome. There shall be weekly evaluations and assessments to see if the children understand what is being imparted to them. During these moments Joshua, who happens to be a citizen of Kenya will be counted upon to, in alliance with the teachers to find out what the children think about our approach to teaching and other sensitive issues to help improve the quality of work we will be doing. Creativity and critical thinking are some things we will encourage the children to embrace. We will once again make certain that classes with the children will be as insightful, educative and entertaining. The technical experiences we already have with children the same age will certainly make our team’s approach better. We are supported by Mr. Simon Mburu Nganga, the managing trustee of the academy who offered to bring onboard partners from some tertiary institutions in the country and to get the Kenyan Ministry of Education on board makes us feel secure. We are grateful for his support so far. We are aware some challenges will come our way; nonetheless we zealously think a bright future is what we look for. The impact our training will have on the children is what we deem paramount. Hopefully the children will:

• Broaden their interest and understanding of what happens around the world,
• Appreciate what the laptop can be used for and,
• Make efforts to impact knowledge into their own peers.

Hopefully, there would not be any communication barrier. Swahili and English both happen to be the most spoken languages in Kenya and are both familiar to our team members. In our bid to sustain this program, we will maintain communication and perhaps visitations. Joshua as a native will often visit the children. A website where all activities can be published is being designed which will serve as a motivating factor for our partners to feel acknowledged by their efforts with pictures, events, and other activities. Thus we cannot afford to break contact with our partners. Fundraising in our opinion will be a very challenging task considering the amount of time we have at our disposal, nevertheless, we are in discussion with the Rotary International Club, Ghana who have promised to get back to us. We commit ourselves to do our best in this fundraising exercise.


Travel cost to Kigali 2,000.00
Travel cost to Kenya: NOTE (Airline fares will be partly sponsored by benevolent people) 4,000.00
Feeding for the nine(9) week duration 1,600.00
Accommodation FREE (handled by Joshua)
Utilities (Electricity & Water) 300.00
Communication & Transportation 300.00
Visa Fees to Kigali & Kenya 400.00
Get together celebration for school children 250.00
Miscellaneous (Emergencies, devices and materials for teaching and learning, health insurance, internet) 1,000.00
TOTAL 9,850.00

Team Members

1. Jonathan Asiedu Amos Jonathan Amos' Website
2. Isaac Appiah Isaac Appiah's website
3. Joshua Tabu Shehe Joshua Tabu Shehe's Website