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Chimbuchi Ezemadu 400level Computer Science and Technology Bells University of Technology, Ota 28th March, 2009

Students would be picked from 10 schools in and around the town of Ota in Ogun-state, Nigeria (with each school providing 10 students each). Teachers in each school would be asked to draw up a list of students between the age ranges. We would meet and interact with each of the students before drawing up our own list of 10 students. The students must show zeal to impact and be agents of change in their communities. The Schools would be visited around noon (break-time). Training programs would be organised for the students on usage and maintenance of the PCs. We are students resident in Ota. Residential Addresses would be collected from the students to help us (with the aid of Resident Lecturers) visit them after deployment. The Laptops and equipment would be stored within the University’s Storage facility. Students would be visited regularly to access the impact of the PCs on them.


1. Transportation costs to Kigali and back to Lagos (via Kenya airways) - $984 * 3 2. Transportation costs during deployment and after – $400 3. Entertainment expenses (for the kids and Teachers) - $300 4. Miscellaneous expenses - $150