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Oliver Takacs, Derek Richardson, Cyril Dzomeku

There are numerous options for our route:
New York City – Kigali (orientation) – Accra, Ghana – New York City
The cheapest fare seems to be:
Return flight between NYC and Accra, Ghana:
$1561 per person (current cheapest price) – for three people on the team
Return flight between Accra and Kigali:
$1121 per person (current cheapest price) – for two people attending orientation

There are motels offered online for about $200 a week per room. But our local NGO partner offered assistance. This price will be cut. We are estimating maximum $100 a week for the team.

Storing the laptops:
Our local NGO partner provides storage for the laptops. There will be no cost associated for this safe storage.

Typically food is very cheap in Ghana; I estimate a nominal $5 per day for the team.

Transportation in Ghana:
The main coach company is STC which serves major cities and many long distance domestic locations. The fare is cheap. In the cities there are taxis and “Tro-Tro”s (any sort of vehicle designated for use of public transportation) available. They are inexpensive. I estimate $50 per person for transportation inside Ghana.

The cost estimate for the team for the duration of deployment:
$4683 (flight for three)
$2242 (additional flight to Kigali for two)
$1350 (accommodation for three)
$472 (food expense)
$150 (domestic transportation)
$8897 Estimated total

There are possible sponsors, we are currently looking. The team members are also willing to commit their own resources within their ability in case of unexpected spike in certain expenses.

This budget is an estimate. The price of the flight fluctuates and tends to rise as the date of travel approaches.