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Has anyone heard back yet about applicant decisions today?

When do we have to implement the program? Does it have to be during the summer months (June - August)? Can we submit a proposal for summer 2010 now?

Can students from two different university form a team?. If yes, what should be written in place of 'UniversityName' while summiting the proposal?

If someone outside of our team, like a local teacher, joins in Rwanda, can we arrange to have them stay in the same place as the team? How would we do this? If not, how do you suggest we arrange accommodation for them?

It is my understanding that the program is for undergraduate and graduate students. I am a graduate student and I have been working with faculty members on a research related to the use of technology in the elementary schools in Ghana. I would like for one faculty member to serve as my partner in the OLPCorps project if my project is selected. The faculty is willing to pay their own expenses. Is it possible to team up with a faculty member?

I'm a faculty member working with two graduate students to draft a proposal for a project in Zambia. My question involves the time line. It is so tight. If we won't be notified until April 10th if our proposal is accepted, can we propose to do our project NEXT summer? What if they did the training this summer but then implemented next summer? thank you!

I am an undergraduate senior graduating in June of this year and will not be a graduate student next year. Am I still eligible to participate even though I won't technically be a student any more?

Theft is a concern in our area. How has the issue of theft been addressed in previous OLPC deployments? Is it acceptable to keep the laptops at the school at night (rather than sending them home with the students) if this is deemed as the safest alternative (by the school and the parents)? We are concerned about making young students and family homes targets because of the laptops.

Will laptops be available for purchase in future years? At what price point? We want to plan a sustainable projects and will need to purchase laptops for the next year's students. We would like to have some idea of whether this is an option and how much it will cost.

The "How to Write a Project Proposal" page mentions OLPC "accessories". What might this include? We would like to purchase sensors for use with science projects. We are also curious about spare parts and materials for repairs, as well as whether any of the alternative power devices that have been in development (such as foot pedals or hand cranks) might be available for this project.

Can you please tell us about what options are available to power the laptops in off-grid encironemnts?