OLPCorps MIT Kenya Curriculum

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MIT OLPC Curriculum



-Volunteer training, orientation

Week 1

-Introduction to the computer

-Basic functions (operating system, keyboard, camera, microphone, antennae, etc)

-Make a movie day

-Basic applications, internet access

-Bring a question from home and search for it on the internet

-Friday: educational game day!

Week 2

-How a computer works (take it apart)

-How we can use the technology to better life

-Advanced functions -> basic programming, websites, (depends on how they are doing)

-Learn how to network

-Team based network computer game

-Chat with other countries, teams in other countries, etc

Week 3

-Spread the word!

-Pen-pals with volunteers, each other, and children in other countries

-Project week: do a project on Kenya – anything ranging from sports to history to culture. Children will split up into groups of 5-10 and work together using their knowledge over the week to make a project about Kenya. This will take 3-4 days.

Week 4

-Project presentations

-Class computer game day

-Review of what we’ve learned

-Last day – wrap up, feedback day, what they’ve learned, how they can spread this into the future.