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The Federal Republic of Nigeria also known as the ‘Giant of Africa’ is the most populous black nation in Africa and in the world. Its economy is listed as one of the fastest growing in the world (‘Next Eleven’ - http://www.mercer.com/summary.htm?siteLanguage=100&idContent=1309530) and as such it is important to equip the next generation (especially the less privilege in rural areas) with the necessary skills needed to lead Nigeria into the spotlight.
Our team, Heritage Nigeria, will be working in Ota, Ado-Odo/Ota local government area of Ogun State aiming at children ages 6 to 12 years old. Ogun state located in south western Nigeria borders Lagos state to the South and Oyo and Osun state to the North. In 2005, Ogun state was estimated as having a population of 4,054,272 of the Nations 150 million. With bordering states like Lagos boasting of a population of 17 million, the developmental differences are apparent, placing Ogun state in the rural category in comparison to other states. http://wapedia.mobi/en/Ogun_State
The primary barrier is language. The official language of the state is English, but the ethnic language -Yoruba is more frequently used by the local people. This barrier has been dissolved as both members of the international team were born and raised in the western part of Nigeria, where Yoruba is the main ethnic group and language spoken.

The Kingdom Heritage Nursery and Primary School Ota will be our local partner. This is a small private school established and overseen by the World Mission Agency Inc. Our plan is to work with the school leadership and board to organize a summer camp with some of the selected students. We have been in close contact with our partners and they have expressed their consent, to make this a pilot project and later spread it across their network of schools.
Sam Ade Jacobs: is currently a PhD student in Computer Science at Texas A&M University. He holds a Master degree in Computer Engineering and Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering. He provides technical expertise via his years of use and knowledge of computer systems as a software engineer and web applications developer.
He is passionate about education as one of the key factors needed for development of the African continent. As part of one-year national youth service, Sam was involved in teaching Computer Science at Government Secondary School Makarfi, Kaduna State, Nigeria during the 2003/04 academic year. Sam has a strong tie with our local partner, he is currently on study leave from the same organization to pursue a PhD degree with plan to return home after the PhD program.
Adannaya C. Inyama: is a Master of Public Health candidate at Texas A&M University. She brings to the table her experience in developing educational modules and in teaching children ages 6 – 16. Her work experience as a 1st Tier Internet support technician for SBC Yahoo Global services makes her a valuable asset when teaching the children how to navigate the Internet.

You may download the pdf version of our project plan to be full developed in line with OLPC Learning Manual and Deployment Guide here OLPCorps_Texas A&M University_Nigeria_Jacobs.pdf. Upon approval of this proposal, we will work closely with our local partners to execute the plan in detail, making changes where needed.