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University of The Gambia, The Gambia Team

We are students form the University of The Gambia interested in working with children between the ages of 6-12 years to implement programs on violence against children, life skills, HIV/AIDS and basic I.T skills using XO laptops. Our team consist of three dynamic young people, determined to make the Gambia a conducive environment for young people. It consist of computer science and social science students who have volunteered in many youth groups like Voice of the young, Young people in the media, Nova Scotia Gambia Association and National Youth Parliament. All these youth groups discuss and address issues on HIV and AID, violence against children sexual and reproductive rights, human rights and youth leadership.

Cognizant on the need to equip the younger generation on technology and providing conducive learning environments for children to develop and reach the maximum potentials, we have chosen to work in a district called Foni Jarrol. If you are intrested to work with us see our proposal or even send us an email: olpcorpsteamuniversity_of_gambia@yahoo.com.