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“ OLPCorps_ Presbyterian University College Ghana” Ghana is claimed to be the gateway to West Africa but under the sheet of its covered glory there are issues which are not being exposed.

        In Ghana we have 10 regions and the Upper West Region (Sissala West and East District) of Ghana has been identified to be the most poorest and deprived in all of Ghana, they however lack certain basic infrastructure and are ignorant about the advanced technological era and are trapped from advancing due to culture beliefs.
         The youth of the of Gwollu in the Sissala west district the centre for my project and also my home town is one of the most deprived and affected region in Ghana children of school going ages are being prevented from going to school with the excuse of their parents taking them to the farm moreover they are asked to carry big and heavy things. These children usually rage from the ages 6-12 these children seen the child labour as a normal routine and do not complain as they are also physically abused and their morality is torn apart as they see their parents drinking and smoking and they see it okay to do so when they grow up . These children have no role models and outside world influence and are trapped by culture.
   The means in which the children would an impact on their community is through the usage of the most effective and entice way of attracting people which is drama and acting. I have already contacted the head master and teachers of the Gwollu primary school about my intension to teach their children drama and acting during the period of June to august in which I was made aware the children would still be in school and doing this would therefore make it possible for parents guilty of those child labour to be convicted and have a change of heart it would also help unleash the children’s potentials and boost their self esteem.
                    Esprit de Corps a non Governmental organization has promised to help me with this project after I leave; also the chief and my relative residing in that location have also promised to give me their necessary cooperation.

My team members are   
                             Limann Hassan Shawn Martin   (martin_limann@yahoo.com)
                              Eunice Akpabli
                             Ntow Kofi Ababio