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This is the wiki-homepage of the Olin College OLPC university chapter. Please edit!


The Olin College OLPC chapter is a student-run volunteer organization that works with Sugar Labs and OLPC. Our group is a mixed group of software and hardware engineer students, as well as people interested in curriculum design and technology-driven education. Our goals include learning and participating in a philanthropic cause as well as developing and exercising engineering and education skills

Our current (what exactly is our hierarchy? elsa fill me in here) yifiy 03:48, 25 September 2009 (UTC)


We have weekly meetings on Friday 3-5pm (Friday Service Time).

Meeting notes

Upcoming events

  • Friday Oct. 2 - Meeting with CFS and Mission Hill teachers for activity bundle (include link to appropriate page here)

Current big projects

TurtleArt After School Program

We're developing a curriculum to teach various math and engineering concepts using Turtle Art. The program will run spring 2010 with 10 3rd-5th graders from the Needham area Click here to visit the main Turtle Art After School Program page


A robot that can be controlled directly from Turtle Art. Click here to visit the main XOBot page

Repair Center

Click here to visit the main Olin Repair Center page

Cambridge Friends School/Mission Hill Deployment

Click here to visit the main CFS deployment page

Support Gang participation

Ideas for projects

(hey look, I'm so empty. how sad.)

Past projects/events

(we should really link these to something at some point.)

  • Gurufest
  • Sugar on a stick
  • Programming Design Challenge
  • Olin/IMSA Intersession deployment at CFS
  • Olin Hackathon
  • Game Jam

Helpful info

Contact Information

The current Olin OLPC Chapter Pong Person is Elsa Culler. Contact her for general questions.