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olpc-utils is a collection of OLPC-specific utilities and configurations.


Current maintainer: James Cameron

Questions and contributions should be sent to the devel mailing list.



Runs early at system boot to do some OLPC-specific initializations and the first-boot configuration.

The first-boot configuration is conditionalized on the /home/olpc/.olpc-configured flag.

olpc-configure writes language and keyboard settings to /home/olpc/.i18n, overridable by users.

/etc/sysconfig/keyboard is programmed with keyboard information from the manufacturing data. We preferably specify XKB keyboards with the layout(variant) syntax because it's more intuitive when you have two or multiple layouts. The separate layout and variant syntax is still supported.


This directory contains X configuration files for the various XO laptop models, and sisusbvga output.

olpc-configure maintains hardlinks to these files in /etc/xorg.conf.d, dynamically configured on each boot.

It is our hope that these configurations shrink with time to the point where they can just exist as one static file.


This is our display manager, a streamlined equivalent of GDM or KDM.


This is responsible for launching the configured shell (Sugar/GNOME).