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Trivia Content Closed Dec 29th, 2010

Report from Day 3

Please email your best guesses to <> by Wednesday 7:00 PM Boston Time to win our Grand Prize! (several prizes for strongest in-person and remote answers awarded then, Wedn Dec 29th 2010, 7PM!)

1. What clever lobbying technique succeeded in greatly expanding the OLPC project in Paraguay?
3 buses of kids were sent to the Parliament, with banner(s) saying things like "My Little Brother Deserves a Laptop"

2. What village near Haiti's earthquake epicenter has the highest concentration of XO laptops?
Darbonne (background)

3. What unexpected language do XOs use right by the source of the Nile, and what is the name of the country? Hint: the "world's youngest King" lives nearby :)
English, Uganda (bonus points for naming: King Oyo)

4. Which deployment piloted a device relevant to children's health as they use the XO, that might even address children's health needs in the United States -- and what is that green device?
Pedal-powered / sewing machine by Paiwastoon / OLPC Afghanistan

5. What town in Austria has a deployment supported by the national government?
Graz (background)

6. What language do Mongolia's XOs use?
Mongolian, with Cyrillic/Russian keyboards

7. What state in Mexico is home to a new OLPC deployment that began in 2010?
Nayarit State

8. CA (Canada) has 9 of 13 provinces/territories larger than that other overpopulated CA (California). How many of these 9 have OLPC Canada deployments on tap?
8 provinces and territories. Yukon Territory is the exception, where no OLPC Canada deployment is planned.

9. What country worldwide has the highest number of OLPC/Sugar volunteers per capita?

10. How many color combinations do the children on the back of XO laptops come in?

11. What is the name of the Sea in which the VVV Vietnam XO pilot is located, on Vietnamese maps and on international maps, and why is it different?
South China Sea vs. Eastern Sea. Historical tension between Vietnam and China.

12. Roughly what percentage of Haitian primary schools are public? (in contrast to private/community/parochial schools)
15%, though it used to be 10%. Aristide's influence brought about the construction of many schools in the last 15 years.

13. What OLPC volunteer takes the ICT4D globe-trotting game so seriously she was once kidnapped?!
Marina in Managua

14. Who said "Eight Mongolian schools with 1600+ laptops were added to! Now I just wish I understood Mongolian!"
Nick Doiron

15. Which Olympic city has the world's most northerly grown tea (not including greenhouse tea), as well as palm trees, and is the home town of olpc's most book-obsessed volunteer?
Sochi, Russia

16. How many small deployments are currently active in Thailand?
7 deployments

17. What Activity was recently used by a child in Thailand to make a Sushi game, in the Ban Kayeng Hill Tribe in Chiang Ria?

18. How was the deployment leader at Kenya Ntugi's School thoughtfully compensated?
Godfrey's 4-year university is being paid for in full, as he continues to lead

19. About how many countries are represented on OLPC's Support Gang?
30 countries

20. Which island worldwide has the largest number of XOs?
God Bless Haiti :)

Thanks all for participating in Marina's most meaningful evening presentation!