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The viewpoints expressed hereunder do not necessarily reflect the opinion of OLPC.
This page was created by a member of the free volunteer community supporting OLPC.

These are projects that are open to the world-wide community. OLPC is mainly driven by its community. The little - about 35 people anno 2013 - OLPC not for profit mostly takes care the project remains an open software and open hardware project, orders are brought together from all over the world, update the hardware, coordinate some stuff. It is mainly up to the OLPC community to search for grant forms and fill them out to bring funds to OLPC, to promote the OLPC XO-XServer combination, to find sponsors, to set-up OLPC Labs, to motivate teachers to participate, to collaboratively work on ebooks, etc.

Whatever remaining time the OLPC not for profit would still have, it would dedicate to developing capacity in the Least Developing Countries and regions. It expects the richer regions to have enough people with the right skills to bring large enough groups together, to fill out grants etc. for regional and local showcase OLPC labs where people - especially from the educational landscape - can come to and see, touch, experiment with the XO-XServer combination, learn about the OLPC educational initiative, MDG2 - Universal Primary Education.