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Looking for something to work on? See these pages for more details. (Also see Projects for a more outdated page.)

Have a project idea? Create one here (type in the project title, then click the button). <inputbox> type=create buttonlabel=Propose a project bgcolor=#fffcf9 preload=Template:Open project break=no </inputbox>

Not yet made into project pages

These are the glimmers of potential projects - if you have a moment, please use the project page creation button above to turn one or more of these project stubs into a page (and then delete it from the list). For instructions on how to best fill out information see Projectizing Projects.

  • OLPC pilots: comprehensive overview of where pilots are happening and contact info (if possible) for each pilot
  • Projectdb: clean up source-code
  • Activity to control power on USB port (for keyboard illumination)
  • Sleep ;-) (and test the Alarm clock activity)
  • Set up a build server of your own
    • One for a Demo build
    • One for a joyride-with-activities-and-fun-things build
  • Find a non-(physical)space consuming alternative for the touchpad
  • Translation of teacher preparation materials and education activities from Nepali to English
  • Demos and pages describing the installation of alternative user interfaces to sugar:
    • Barebones / fast (e.g. blackbox, fluxbox and kin).
    • Lightweight desktop: (e.g. XFCE, ROX).
    • Tabbing window manager (e.g. Ion, xmonad, stumpwm)
  • Screws location diagrams for Repair Centers
  • Open Content transcoding web interface
  • Clean up namespace, and add more redirectsTalk:Organizing_the_wiki
  • produce documentation for G1G1 2008
  • Porting chumby flash-widgets functionality to the XO g1g1 users
  • One or two activities targeted at G1G1 users
  • Advanced photography activity, flesh out iso