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Supercool school


The idea of this project is to create online demand-based learning environment similar to school. Children could request classes and and teacher from their region and around the globe could help using online classrooms with video, audio, desktop sharing, presentations abilities.

Children could request classes about everything or just ask for help with homework!

Teachers around the globe also could offer online classes to interested children!

Imagine Harvard teacher teaching talented African children from his office! This is real! We just need Your help to test product on XO!

How to help

This project is a collaboratively organized undertaking, so the best way to get started is to just dive in and introduce yourself.

  • Please contact Vlad Gurgov at vlad [put at here}

Help wanted

If you are interested in helping, you can help! We need people from all disciplines and experiences. If, after reading this page, you're still unsure of how to get involved, take a look at the Talk:Supercool school and send a message to either the person who started this project or the person who's been actively contributing the most recently.

If you want help with your part of this project, you can post specific tasks below. Please detail what kind of help you are looking for here, a timeframe or expiration date for the posting, along with contact information or how people who are interested should get involved.

We need your help to revolutionize global education!