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Semantic MediaWiki tracks actual and potential use of semantics in different wiki areas.

See Semantic Home Page for some proposed high level structure.


From July 2008

  • Get the activities set up with basic metadata, properties, forms and the like
  • Work with Joe and Charlie to help them start implementing test cases in SMW, and come up with a query system that will pull metadata from test case pages to the pages about the activities or features so that we can know in which build they are working.
  • Get some good properties for deployment metadata. Decide on a list of questions to get back from deployments.
  • Implement the structure for deployments.
  • Get a semantic system for a broader category of projects (things we like to call content)
  • Work towards using the underlying semantic structure to get vertical structure that makes our wiki easier to use for people who are just starting. Things like open project pages.