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This page describes third-party software that does not meet the OLPC standards for software freedom. The use of such software is unsupported; OLPC does not endorse or encourage its use.

Installation of software not tested with Sugar may inhibit performance of your XO and will take up memory from Journal Activity space.

How do I install Adobe Flash? How do I set up my XO for WebKinz, Knowledge Adventure, Starfall, or other Adobe Flash sites?

Give One, Get One XO laptops come with an open-source flash player, Gnash. Adobe Flash is not pre-installed but can be.

Can I install Sun's Java? Other commercial software?

Installing Sun's Java might work but is NOT supported by OLPC; see this summary of Restricted Formats. The OpenJDK open source version of Java may be installable in release 8.2.0.

Can I install Skype?

There is a community effort to enable Skype on the XO. Make sure to set the sound device in the options menu, as described on that page. In order to get video with the sound, you need to follow the 'gstfakevideo' instructions at the bottom of that page.

Can I load Microsoft Windows or my own software onto the XO laptop?

Currently, Microsoft Windows cannot be loaded on the XO laptop. The XO laptop has a GNU/Linux based Operating System and features its own programs that are specifically designed for children. There are thousands of software developers around the world currently developing content for the XO. Activities lists software for the XO.

There are efforts to adapt the WINE Windows emulator to run well on the XO, see http://wiki.winehq.org/SugaredWine. Wine is a GNU LGPL licensed implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix. It does not use any Microsoft code. Many popular free or proprietary Windows applications run well under it; see the Applications Database at http://appdb.winehq.org/.

Can I read Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents on my XO laptop?

You may open the Browse activity and use a web-based office suite such google doxs will not work unless you have a newer web broser like firefox. peple say you can use Zoho to display and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

The Write activity can open Word .doc and .rtf documents (need to verify), it can Keep a file as RTF.

p.s. I dont know if you cangit firefox on a xo ples tell me if you can and how

Can I install AOL dialup software, AIM, or MSN Messenger?

Neither AOL Dialup nor AIM Messenger are supported on the XO by OLPC. The Chat Activity is a Sugar Activity for communications. The best way to use the AIM network or other chat networks is to use the free online service Meebo within Browse.

What antivirus & firewall security software is available?

Out of the box, your XO laptop is "safer than" your PC -- threats to Linux are rare.

Advanced users may be interested in Linux's free open source antivirus (ClamAV) and firewall (iptables) software, but these are NOT supported by OLPC.