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Todavía no se ha traducido la página original, PO-laptop.org-ht. Si quieres traducirla, copía el texto desde aquí y agregalo a esta página usando "edit" arriba. También hay que cambiar el "status=deseada" arriba a "status=incompleta".

Mientras tanto, se puede verla traducida por google.

  Esta página está supervisada por el equipo de OLPC.
  Please copy/paste "{{Translationlist | xx | origlang=en | translated={{{translated}}}}}" (where xx is ISO 639 language code for your translation) to PO-laptop.org-ht/lang-es/translations HowTo [ID# 115781]  +/-  

This page contains links to the template files for the new — as of January, 2007 — www.laptop.org website. Translators, please note that these are template files.

  • Copy these files into a PO file specific to your target language; don't edit in-line on this page. For instance, a Spanish translation of the top level of the site should be placed at PO-laptop.org-top-level-es.
  • Also, please add the following category tags to your translation files:
[[Category:PO files]]

The PO files are organized by sections:

Basic terms common to many pages, and pages that represent the top level of the website hierarchy:


Individual sections:


Auxilliary pages:


When translating, do not change the msgid strings; do translate the text in quotes after the msgstr tokens. For instance:

# original #translated
msgid "cat" >> becomes >> msgid "cat"
msgstr "cat" msgstr "gato"

If you have suggestions as to how we can improve the website, please make your comments on the discussion pages that accompany these pages.

Demo Library PO-like format

The format below is only for a PO-ish like multi-lingual localization support of the OLPC Sample Library, and not to be confused, nor used, for the PO files of the static website.

msgid ""
#en msgstr  
#es msgstr