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ePals is working on an XO activity for connecting penpals in different countries, and specifcally for connjecting schools to one another through their school network.


A Penpal or email activity would grow to be more general than this, and to provide a variety of penpal services. This might be integrated with a tinymail activity, since that doesn't have a name yet.

Use cases

  • ePals use case : a school signs up to connect to other schools; every student at the school gets an account as a member of that group. A class is connected to another class somewhere else in the world, and students within those classes can be matched with one another.
  • 1-to-1 use case : an XO user wants to find a penpal; unified search across verified penpal sites helps them find someone, and provides an interface to the laptop mail client. tracking of correspondence over time, who has written last. option for multiple pen pals.
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