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The Active Antenna is not available for deployments at this time. It is still in development.

  • 802.11s wireless access point powered via USB
  • Use 1-3 Active Antennas with a school server to create mesh channels for XO laptops
  • Can be used to extend the range of an XO laptop
  • Includes 5 meter cable with USB connector
  • Cost estimate: $20 (not confirmed)

Active Antenna.jpg

See Product News for availability.

Location and Intended Users

Users of XOs, inside and outside of school.

Requirement: 5-10 million laptops to be distributed in 2008 with 1 server per 100 laptops and 3 active antennas per server.


  • Active Antennas are critical for the project and are required for the school server.
  • Every school server requires 3 Active Antennas.
  • Better connectivity will generate more use for the XO outside of school
  • This particular antenna extends the range of the mesh, thus extending wireless connectivity for everyone in range, not just for the XO plugged into it.
  • The mesh networks seem to have limited signal within about 100m between two laptops


  • Extends wireless connectivity for multiply users
  • Is a self contained unit which can operate without a laptop, all it needs is a USB power supply which could be solar driven for example.


  • Cost


  • 5 meter USB cable
  • 83 and 88 wireless standard (Not currently available in USB dongles)

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