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Fiber Optic Scope

A fiber optic scope to enable more convenient use of other camera accessories.


Small device with a rotating head that attaches to laptop camera to allow for picture taking in other direction.


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Creature Lenses

Lenses to enable the camera to see like a bee, or an owl…


It looks painful...

Triple Mirror

Small triple mirror is useful.
Small triple mirror.

When you take pictures by XO, its display screen is working as a finder. But it is difficult to see the display when you point the camera at the subject. In such case, a small triple mirror is useful. The cost of triple mirror is about one dollar or less. It is a good activity for kids to make their own camera adaptor by themselves.

LEGO bricks viewfinder

Mike Lee made a clip-on sports viewfinder made of LOGO bricks. OLPC XO Clip-on sports viewfinder made of LEGO bricks and Carrizzi's riff


Phil Carrizzi made another viewfinder by 3D printer. olpc_xoview_1_1

Origami Finder

It is possible to make a finder from paper using origami technique. It is inserted into the USB port. It is same as other ideas.

Origami Finder

Paper Viewfinder

Probably the cheapest and simplest solution, requires only one 6 cm x 4 cm piece of paper and a piece of adhesive tape. Has the additional advantage that it can be left on the XO, folding down for storage.

How to make the Paper Viewfinder.

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Paper Viewfinder