Peripherals/Child Friendly Mouse

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Many young children don’t have well-developed motor skills (fine motor skills in the hand and fingers typically develop fully between the ages of 5 and 6) and often have trouble using a traditional mouse or touchpad. This can lead to frustration and detract from the educational experience.

  • Some mice made by Apple use the entire body of the mouse as a single button.
  • A track ball works for some children. It can be easier to coordinate than a mouse, with the positioning -- rolling the ball, and selection -- clicking a button on the base actions separated. Being self contained, the track ball also removes the need for a relatively clean and smooth surface to operate on.
  • The pressure-sensitive bump in the middle of the keyboard on some laptops may be a good option. It is certainly resistant to fouling with debris.
  • The "analog" thumb joysicks found on many Nintendo controllers are proven with kids.