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In an environment where grid power may only be available for a few hours a day, or where energy generation is available but either generation or usage isn't constant an energy storage system is required.

A desirable storage technology would allow easy top-up and extraction of electricity. The input to the storage system wouldn’t necessarily need to be electrical but it would be preferable not to require a distribution system to be implemented.

For example, zinc-air fuel cells offer some interesting advantages over standard batteries, but require a zinc distribution system to be setup in conjunction with the technology.

Below is a list of technologies which offer possible solutions;

Advantages and Disadvantages

Storage Type Advantages Disadvantages
Car Batteries Text Inefficiencies in getting energy into and back out of the battery (You lose half the energy [1])
Deep Cycle Batteries Text Text
Compressed Air Text Text
Lifted objects (Electricity_from_gravity_energy_storage) Text Text
Super/Ultracapacitors Ability to release quick jolts of electricity and to absorb this energy just as fast Less energy storage capacity per Kg compaired to Batteries (25 times less [2])
Technology Text Text