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A wireless projector powered by 2 XO batteries with a 2 hour run time costing $100. Add on kit that attaches to back of XO screen between battery and screen that uses LEDs for projectors. Possibly on a more expensive XO laptop.

The 100 dollar Projector

  • Mary Lou may already have a design for this
  • Ultrabright LEDs
  • High resolution, high colour LCD
    • See the Ipod 3g Nano Screen, for an example
      • Reported to cost less than 12usd
  • Diverging Lens?
  • USB to LCD processing ICs
    • USB micro controller
    • USB to digital graphics converter
    • LCD controller

Laptop to projector connectivity

  • Can the laptop talk to the projector via an exported X session instead of USB-to-VGA dongles? The projector will need to have receiving equipment (wifi or USB) and be able to run the exported X session on its LCD.


  • Concept and technical detail: Mary Lou Jepsen / Ian Daniher