Peripherals/Wind Tower

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Gordon and Son's Axial Flux windtower Photo taken 9 July 2005

A number of different styles could work.

  1. A tower a meter high with a turbine inside that could produce energy when strapped to a tree or set up on top of a hill or ridge. The wind flows internally up through the cylinder. Original concept dated 1925 for providing power to turn a ship's propeller and later considered for generation of electricity. Magnus Effect Propulsion System
  2. A windmill (propeller type) with an automotive type(or homemade type) alternator directly attached, gimbal mounted on a pole for easy disassembly in advance of a storm. Commercial wind farms fold or feather the blades in high winds.
  3. BlueEnergy in Central America is installing home brew wind turbines to bring power to off-grid communities using Hugh Piggott's [Wind turbine plans]. The plans seek to get the cost of the system as low as possible and use talent on-site to construct and erect the wind turbine. Appropriate technology.


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