Physics meetings/July 10, 2008

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Discussions with physics project participants about how to make Physix a force for good.

A transcript is available at [1]


  1. Find who is still interested in helping to develop Elements, which has applications in physics teaching, simple game creation for the XO
  2. Come up with ideas/suggestions about Physics, a Box2D based playground
  3. Talk more more about jminor's use of multitouch with respect to box2d
  4. Choose a common format and integrate it with Eric's JBox2D engine so that physics classrooms that already have computers can help develop fun physics scenes for the XO as well - See: Physics File Format
  5. jminor brings up : ways to draw polygons fast on the XO... I was frustrated with both gtk and SDL's performance
    see also old discussions at game development
  6. Game-related activities would benefit from speed tests (such as Physics engines/Speed tests) as well.
    try forming a speed tests page
  7. we're considering running an OLPC Physics Jam (Physics Game Jam?) in late August in Boston.
    when are people free? sj suggests Aug 23-24.


Alex says : I have two ideas for projects

1) playground game (for learning physics)
2) incredible machine game (for puzzle solving)

Cjl says

Seek opportunities to coordinate activities with textual content bundles (ideally with lesson plans) or real world lab experiments (e.g. UNESCO microscience labs), each leveraging off the other.