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Working Group

A group of people starting to start work for these ideas might be the best way to get the basic organisation set up. The idea of this 'working group' is just emerging, and although the tasks for this wg are still unclear, it seems there certainly are things to do :) As often, volunteers are crucial for this process as well. To help getting started is for a limited timespan, and will make life easier for many people :)

  • Mailing List: Grassroots
  • IRC: #olpc-groups on freenode.net

Contributors and Volunteers

  • Marten for Leiden Pilot
  • Gregor: Organisation help, documentation
  • Mel: International grassroots documentation & support
  • User: Frits Hoff: OLPC NL, educational technologist, setting up educational pilots
  • add yourself :)

<googlemap lat="32.395706" lon="-71.015625" zoom="1" width="700" controls="large"> 48.209206, 16.372778, Chris Hager 50.111512, 8.680506, Gregor (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) 42.35888, -71.05682, Mel (Boston, MA, USA) </googlemap>