Power Management Software

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Open bugs

Frequently Asked questions

  • Why does the power button (hardware) do nothing? Will it send out keycodes or some other events in the future?
  • It does send a keycode
  • How do you change the backlight brightness from a program (rather than the keyboard buttons)?
  • How is the brightness level being changed? Some embedded EC? OF? Do we get a userspace signal/event when the user changes it?
  • DPMS seems not to work. "sleep 1 && xset dpms force off" does nothing.
  • DPMS needs to be taught how to work with the DCON
  • Where are per-session settings meant to be stored? GConf? How much configuration should there be allowed?
  • What?

Current Priorities:

  • Stable Suspend to RAM (Stable means: pass 1000 consecutive suspend/resume cycles without a glitch)
  • Battery class stuff integrated with HAL.
  • Software control of backlight in HAL.
  • Small session daemon created that exposes a similar DBUS interface to g-p-m.
  • Sugar UI element created for telling how much charge we have left (DONE)
  • Sugar UI element created for configuration?