Pretty Pretty Princess

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The Pretty Pretty Princess of the office is usually decided by fiat and often at random at the OLPC office, but need not be.

Current Pretty Pretty Princess

Mitch clears his head

Mitch Bradley is the current Pretty Pretty Princess.

Previous Pretty Pretty Princesses

Sayamindu Dasgupta

Sayamindu's Floating Head

Sayamindu Dasgupta was most recently seen injecting Etoys scripts into Epub Ebooks using the SDGReadMyBlips activity [1]. You used to be able to distract him by asking to add obscure languages to pootle, but then he became a grad student at the Media Lab.

Martin Abente

Qué loco!

Meet Martin Abente of ParaguayEduca. Paraguay was the first deployment to execute the NANDblaster en masse, and hence was the first country to experience the degradation of mental capacity that occurs after exceeding your daily dosage of NANDblasting. Remember, always ask your doctor if NANDblasting is right for you!

Henry Hardy

Good King Henry respectfully poses for his royal portrait

Having left for a well deserved vacation, it was decided that there be some trade off.

Daniel Drake

Spear and Magic Helmet!
Daniel Drake
Projects: v8.2.0

Dan Don is a summer intern from the UK. Daniel is working on software projects from the Cambridge office until the end of September. He is currently working on shaking bugs out of the Fedora 9 stream, targeted for release v8.2.0.

Andres Salomon


in-house kernel hacker and merge artiste, is the current holder of the Pretty Pretty Princess title at the OLPC office.


Esmerelda, the groundskeeper at OLPC Maui

Personally, I think that Esmerelda, a groundskeeper at the OLPC Maui outpost, edges out Andres in the looks department. -- Mitch


Think you got what it takes? Applications for the Pretty Pretty Princess title are available at the office. All OLPC staff, contractors, and volunteer contributors are eligible (i.e. at risk).


  1. Honor that the position is voluntary and meant as a fond joke. It will never be forced on someone, and will be promptly removed if requested.
  2. Change the current holder roughly as often as we change weekly testing build processes.
  3. Provide a decent or at least decently hilarious photo of the honoree.