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A Production Commons is a way for investors to buy the Land and Capital needed (In our case it is approximately all the resources Quanta uses) to begin production of hardware.

This would increase the viral nature of the OLPC tremendously.

  • Will the originators allow anyone/everyone to become a producer?
  • Is the complete Hardware specification available in machine-readable format?
  • Are these specifications under a license (hopefully the GPL) that would allow us to start a Production Commons?

I hereby commit US$10,000 toward the purchase of the machines needed to begin production here in the United States. -- Ownut

Somebody please delete this idiocy. Production facilities for sophisticated electronics simply do not exist everywhere in the world. And nobody can economically justify building new facilities for a small run of a million devices. Even that small amount will cost somewhere between $50 to $100 million to produce.
The only way that the OLPCs will be manufactured is for existing factories to do it. And that is, in fact, the cheapest way to do it as well. Since this whole project is about getting the best device at the best cost, the idea of building new fabs is a complete non-starter.
Please delete this whole page.