Project Proposal Details

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I. Team members-spoken languages

Aboubacar Oumarou (English, French, Haoussa, Djerma)

Zita Zalai (English, Hungarian, French)

II. Project Abstract and Description


With the cooperation of local leaders and families of Hamdallaye, 100 children will participate in a nine-week educational program that will offer a fun and creative learning environment while setting an example for children in rural areas of Niger, especially girls facing social barriers in the field of education.


Nigerien children (0-14) make up 47% of the population and are currently expected to grow up in a nation where 71.3% of the population (age 15+) cannot read or write. Socio cultural obstacles have been serving and still serve as barriers in the educational field, especially to females and in rural areas. While 42.9% of the male population is literate, only 15.1% of the female population is so. Furthermore, school life expectancy (primary to tertiary education) is about 4 years: 5 years for males and only 3 years for females based on 2006 data. To help an existing national effort to balance the ratio between males and females attending school, 100 children with an emphasis on girls will participate in a nine-week program to be held in the community of Hamdallaye. Working together with local leaders of Hamdallaye, we will meet with these 100 children on a daily basis to assist them in discovering a fun way of learning while becoming members of the XO network. By owning this laptop, children will be empowered and motivated to make a difference by continuing their education. This new cool laptop, the connection with each other, and the fun activities led by our team will enable children to have fun while learning on their high-tech tool both in school and at home.

III. Project Details


100 fourth graders (9-10 years old) from “L’ecole Centre” elementary school (connected to the electricity grid–220V) located in the rural community of Hamdallaye, Niger


Offering a fun and creative learning environment for children to discover all opportunities of XO while generating activities with the laptop itself and with each other


Pre-work/set-up for project in Hamdallaye by Aboubacar, starting May 20, 2009

Opening Ceremony in Hamdallaye: June 21, 2009

Activities: Monday-Thursday starting June 22, 2009

Closing Ceremony: August 9, 2009


Pre-work on site:

-Set-up of temporary offices in Niamey-provided by Subvention au Development du Secteur Agricole (SDSA) and in Hamdallaye

-Meeting with local partners, volunteers, children and parents

-Meeting with local telecommunication companies to discuss donation of internet service (due to very high costs)


-Training of teachers on XO softwares and involving them in the process of developing activities with XO

- Open house for stakeholders during the first week

-Introduction of 1 XO software/day to children followed by a self-learning and peer

collaboration period allowing kids to discover on their own, help each other, and/or ask us questions

-Generation of creative individual, team and family projects with lots of fun

-Workshop with teachers in order to implement XO activities into the curriculum


-The teachers involved will oversee the project and send bimonthly reports

- SDSA representative will provide continuous technical assistance

-Once accepted, fundraisers will be conducted in order to expand the project

Impact on Community:

Helps children, especially girls, become role models and inspire change

Provides incentive to parents for sending girls to school

Provides incentive for children and families to communicate in French at home as well as in school (Haoussa and Djerma instead of French are widely spoken)

Increases awareness of existing technology

Other Objectives:

Creation of a network and a database of volunteers, supporters and NGOs for future OLPC projects in Niger

Offering workshops for local leaders and schools (including computer specialized institutes) in order to raise awareness of OLPC in Niger

Production of an infomercial that will appear on Nigerien national television

Evaluation by Measuring:

Change of family involvement in education

Change in enrollment of girls

Change in language skills

Adoption of new technology

IV. Resources: Technical Support:

In addition to our own computer skills, we gained the support of a local computer specialist from SDSA

Storage and Transportation:

Phase 1: SDSA help with storage and transportation of equipment from initial drop site to Hamdallaye

Phase 2: storage at building provided by the community of Hamdallaye

Local Partners:

The mayor of Hamdallaye, the school director of “L’ecole Centre”, two teachers, a computer specialist from SDSA, local families and volunteers