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We plan to develop Multimedia telecenter incorporating state-of-the-art media technology located at Chilalo Terara Preparatory School. This telecenter will become a training facility for administrators, teachers, students and the community to help them become full members of the global village. This training facility will be a magnet for young people and particularly girls interested in science mathematics. Special attributes of the telecenter will include the following components:

Digital image studio Electronic design, page layout and color editing workstations Digital animation/video and authoring Internet connectivity and digital distribution Simulations Remote/Internet based Laboratories Logger Pro Interface for Real time laboratories Electronic Books Science and Technology Content Sun-Earth Connection Teaching and Learning Materials Astronomy and space science resources Powerpoint lectures: such as MIT openware

A fully loaded computer will be dedicated to serve as data storage, particularly science and math content, animations of physical, biological and chemical concepts, history of science featuring the men and women who made significant contributions to the quality of life of people in the world. Content in regards to girls in science and featuring US women in science will emphasize math. The content will provide foundation that enables students to continue their education in science, mathematics and engineering both formally and informally. They address the development of critical thinking and problem solving skill to address real world-problems. The success of students in these courses is detrimental on the development of their locals as well as their nation. Also we have access to adequate, well-ventilated space inside the current library. US volunteer trainers will be recruited for this work. However we will plan to use local IT professionals and star teachers from local colleges to help in the design, installation and Training the Trainers.

Training the trainers has a cascading effect where the trainees train their own family members, the community including those in rural areas. For the rural areas market information, and exchange of traditional and contemporary knowledge of agriculture will lead to participatory democracy and sustainable growth. We envision a protracted development of the telecenter with a clear mission based on need, and well researched and impactful training with measurable outcomes.