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Althirius IDE

Project Homepage

This project will bring easy 2D games development using cross-platform game engine. The engine will feature Pascal programming interface,GUI system and 3D accelerated OpenGL graphics. It will be simple alternative to PyGame and will include sharing platform . More information about game engine: ZenGL - Game Engine website.


The Althirius IDE will be available for Windows® and Linux. MacOS port is not planned yet,but since this software will be open-source and some volunteer could easily compile it using Lazarus. Users will easily compile games on all supported OS.


Create,Share and Collab!

Portal or sharing platform will be a wiki or forum page where users can do collaborations,find and write tutorials,share they own finished games and upload game resources.

Involves Everybody

Al thought game programming might be suitable for 12+ years kids, the youngest kids will not be left behind. All games requires not only programming part,but also making game resources which makes the biggest part of the game. Younger kids could help to older kids in games development by making music,SFX,drawing objects and backgrounds. This will motivate kids to organize collaborations and work in teams.


  • OpenGL graphics with 3D acceleration to create fast games.
  • Internal widgets GUI system. Don't need to use PyGTK.
  • Pascal programming interface with Free Pascal Compiler.
  • Demos and asset packs to get started into game development.
  • No limits to extend a Althirius IDE with additional libraries
  • Syntax highlighting and auto completion
  • Resources manager to preview and manage game graphics and audio.
  • Non limited only on games development. Users can also create multimedia and interactive activities.
  • Easier than Develop and PyGame activities.
  • Export created games as .xo bundles.
  • Sharing platform - a website to show your creation to other users,find new friends,upload and download game assets,tutorials and sample games.

Additional information

All project process will be available on this wiki page. I will need some volunteers to help port this tool,to the early XO models which not uses OpenGL drivers and 3D acceleration, no 3D audio using OpenAL

Contact me via email if you want to help: gintisdx (at) gmail (dot) com

Development Snapshots

2009-10-16 The project was a bit frozen in past months. Now I am testing game engine demos and they work smooth with FPC 2.2.4. Game engine requires few OpenGL and GLUT libraries plus GLX extension up and running in XOrg mode. FPC full installation takes about 400MB free space so now I am working on making light version of FPC compiler system. There is way to many units like database access not necessary in games development. :)