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Phoenix Aura, A new beginning!

What is Aura?

Aura is a free and open source Operating System designed for primarily low cost... and sub-standard netbooks like OLPC XO-1.5 or probably XO and Asus EEEPC. Of course, Aura's advanced version, Aura-X will be available for Home PCs and Notebook computers as well as servers.

Square-Point is intending to start the development of Aura from October 2009. Aura is based on OpenSuse 11.1 Platform and Phoenix Aura-X is based on Suse platform. Aura will be free including updates and enterprise editions. It is based on 3 systems: GNOME, KDE and XFce.

Why Aura?

These days, many low cost, low powered netbooks are being introduced. These are great for students, travelers and teachers. Aura is introduced to design in such a way that it would not only provide all essential services like surfing the web, chatting, emailing, creating office documents, spreadsheets, presentations, managing your inventor, playing games, designing your own software or server management ... but It would be fast and compact... Extremely fast than current time Linux Operating systems.

Other proprietary Operating systems(Mac OS, Microsoft Windows) are now days...somewhat fading away and software developers consider to use Linux in place of these Operating Systems.Aura is great for developers along with youth and children who are willing to learn something and for students who are thinking to buy a netbook and who go to school or universities.

Stay Connected...Always

Phoenix Aura introduces a new and extremely fast way to stay connected to web...your friends, colleagues with up-to-date web browsers. updates and plug-ins along with Phoenix-Team's featured web browser EasyWeb. Aura provides fast connectivity, excellent speed and downloading...all free of cost.

Developing...NO problems

Software development in Aura is easy and fast...Several tools can be found pre-installed on Phoenix Aura and more on Phoenix Aura-X. Other tools are available via update. Aura will be a hub for software developers in very near future, we expect. Aura comes pre-installed with many development languages IDE, popular in which are Python,C, NetBeans, Java and so on... Aura gives you complete flexibility of what to develop, when to develop and how to develop.

Save up Space...

With Phoenix Aura, you will be able to manage your hard disk space and RAM usage. While Phoenix Aura installs just within 1.4 GB of space and Phoenix Aura-X within 4 GB...It gives freedom to users to install various software, regardless of their size, with a fast speed.

Freedom is necessary...

Phoenix-Team believes in freedom and believes that access to free software should be everyone's right. We are currently working to achieve this target and we will, with your help, very soon find this target too... :)

Get best software in Aura

While using Aura, you will get access to thousands of free software around the world, all with best documention and you will find every...every alternative to a Windows or Mac OS software like OpenOffice.Org for Microsoft Office, Mozilla Firefox and Phoenix EasyWeb for Internet explorer and many games,programming IDEs, plug-ins and server and database tools too...

We hope you liked the introduction to Aura...We are hoping to see it installed in your PC soon too.