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Projects/CRM Web form XO

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   * XO as the residing place for the web form
   * The web form will be used to key in the "Lead" details
   * XO will be a standalone machine without being connected to the
     internet and it will capture the "Lead" details
   * When XO is connected to the internet or LAN, later it'll detect the CRM server and transfer
     the captured "Lead" details to that server

Plan of Action

   * Develop the CRM server
   * When the CRM server is up, test the webform feature to transfer the captured details
   * Present the CRM to the Marketing Department so that they can use it to monitor the Leads and convert    them to Potentials systematically
   * Bring along XO in their roadshows and education fairs so that they can ask the Leads to key in their details

Needs Locally

   * Since the education fair will be held all over my country it'll be a
     great way to give awareness to my fellow country men regarding the
     existence of XO that is being used to give educational opportunities
     for the world's poorest children.

In the greater OLPC/Sugar community

   * The webform can be used by the teachers or any anyone to capture the user details if they are going to rural areas
   * Since this is a CRM it is more towards the administration side

Outside the community

   * It'll be a great way to demonstrate the use open source

Why can't this project be done in emulation using non-XO machines?

   * The way the firewall was setup in my company the emulation won't be able to connect to server

Why are you requesting the number of machines you are asking for?

   * I'm requesting one so that the machine will be use to capture the details 

Sharing Deliverables

   *All of my project modification will be posted in the relevant sites.


   *After meeting with my mentor, I think the project can be done within 1 year, since the problem that i was facing is the same as his and he said it can be solved within the stated amount of time