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Deploying Laptops to the Schools in Mafi Dove, Ghana

What is the goal of this deployment?

Our goal is to integrate computers into education at the Mafi Dove schools. Mafi Dove is a rural village about a day's drive from the national capital Accra, near the Volta river. They have schools for K-9 with about 15-20 students per grade. They have school buildings, electricity, well water, and latrines, but the conditions are otherwise very simple. Some people have cell phones.

What are the needs of this project?

Our first trip is set for January 1 through 9, 2010. We hope to deploy around 20 XOs to a "library/lab" (basically a study area) and to teachers and so some initial training and planning for support. We intend to return within about a year and extend the deployment. We are considering also deploying to one classroom (another 20 XOs) in the first deployment, if OLPC supports and recommends that.

Again depending on what you can support, we might deploy a server. We do intend to deploy 2 printers per room (2 or 4) and would appreciate recommendations and support for that. We do not intend to support Internet access on this first deployment; we need to scope that out more with the village.

These are all for the middle school; we need to explore more how to deploy to the primary school.

Who are developing this project?

Eliot Moss (Vicar of St. John's Episcopal Church, Ashfield, MA; PhD in Computer Science from MIT; and Professor of Computer Science) leads the project. Team members come from St. John's. They are: Nell Todd (Peace Corps volunteer to Mafi Dove about 10 years ago, has maintained contact, works for NGOs), Susan Todd (retired school principal, has visited village twice and worked with students and teachers there), Robert Harris (computer professional with Boston area financial services company, PhD, MIT), and Thomas Kreek (former computer professional with US deployment experience, PhD from Indiana University, now training as a nurse-practitioner).

Hardware requirements of this project -- 4 XOs to the team ASAP for us to familiarize and work on our training plan -- 20 XOs, 2 printers, and perhaps a server for the library/lab deployment -- 20 more XOs, 2 more printers for a classroom deployment -- Eventually 200 XOs, more printers, more servers to outfit all of middle and primary schools

How this project would be helpful?

Many children from this village go on to work in the city and send money back home. The better educated they are, the better opportunities and more money they make.

How we will be in contact?

We will update this page from time to time. Otherwise, email is good.

Member Contact information

Eliot Moss: