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Projects/Fedora Project APAC Ambassadors: APACK Box

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This is a Page about the APACK boxes OLPC component for more information about the APAC box please click here

The OLPC's are an intergeral part of the APACK box.

Project Objectives:

To promote OLPCs cause and Fedora's use, by present the olpc as part of the 'APACK box' (see plan of action) Encouraging participation in fedora and the OLPC project by creating a presence at events.

Plan and Procedure for Achieving the Stated Objectives

Heherson will recieve these OLPC's and then he will distribute them to selected APAC fedora ambassadors who will put them to good use, ( ).

Plan for Asmartgoat's OLPC will probably be sent to redhat brisbane, for the Linux.Conf.Au and then sent to asmartgoat; either with him on the airoplane, or shipped to adelaide depending on whether asmartgoat goes to

APAC ambassadors are asked to help improve this page.