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  • Project
    • Name: Freifunk - Free Wireless Mesh Networking between OLPCs and other devices
    • Description: It is the goal of the Freifunk OLPC project to customize router firmwares and OLPC distribution to build autoconfic and self-healing wireless mesh networks to transmit data in local and global networks. Freifunk initiatives have build the biggest mesh networks in the world, for example with more than 700 nodes in Berlin continuously connected. The project starts in 2003 and has more than 5000 registered members in Germany and many more in other countries. Many groups all over the world use tools and firmwares of the project enabling communities to deploy mesh networks.
  • Experience: We have numerous developers and maintainers of the Freifunk Firmware and Tools and are continuously working with research institutes like the Fraunhofer Institute and the Technical University Berlin. We also participate in code events like the Google Summer of Code, see here .
  • Members: Members are connected on mailing lists, the irc at #freifunk and active participants in the non-profit organizations.
  • Motivation: Why Freifunk?
  • Current Status
    • 50 % completed
    • application for June 2009
    • Status: Starting Application Process
  • References
    • Freifunk Initiative:
    • IRC: #freifunk
    • IRC2: #freifunk