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Ghana Educational Enhancement Project


Awaso, Ghana:

The XO laptop is envisioned to provide expanded learning opportunities for this initiative. The aspect of the wireless technology that is included in the laptop units will be utilized for this project and therefore allow for greater flexibility in the learning environment. In addition, curriculum will be designed so as to utilize some of the various technical capabilities of the XO such as games and playback of video content.

The school that is being built will eventually be 7000 sq ft and will cost $100.00/square foot, partly because supplies must come a long way, for this well-planned and well-built school. We have decided to build the school in phases and the first phase will cost approximately $100,000.00, which we hope to complete in 2010. It will consist of a library, kitchen, washrooms and three classrooms (K-2). The following year we will build the science and computer lab with two more classrooms for an additional $150,000.00, and so on until the project is complete from K-9, with qualified teachers and a residence attached for orphans of the community, faculty and staff to live and have meals.

The school will embrace any child who is motivated to learn, regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender. This will be a family-friendly school that welcomes parent active participation and involvement. The school will run year round, offering four full academic quarters. It will also offer parent workshops that will emphasize the importance of education and give them tools to keep their children motivated. The capabilities of the XO would greatly enhance the learning experience for this proposed school in Ghana. It is on this basis that we are requesting 4 XO units to have the opportunity to test them and make more strategic decisions regarding their specific uses.

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7.946527, -1.023194, Ghana Ghana , </googlemap>

--aralston 21:53, 20 November 2008 (UTC)