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Projects/Intelligent Predictor Application for XO

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This page will be used to update the current status of this project.

20/4/2009 - Submitted the proposal of this project

4/5/2009 - Received the laptops

6/5/2009 - Got developer key - Updated one of the laptops to Sugar 8.2.0 build release.(The other kept as a clean netbook(old build) as for testing purposes)

7/5/2009 -Managed to boot Xubuntu(8.10) Intrepid from SD card on XO.(Instructions + Image file)

Project Objectives:

  • XO as the medium for the application
  • To test and show the capability of XO in running AI(Artificial Intelligence) program.
  • To stimulate the learning process for children who use XO.
  • Help children to think logically
  • To assist any users of the application helping them to make a decision based on the model of knowledge they entered into the application

Plan and Procedure for Achieving the Stated Objectives:

  • Develop the application interface using Python programming language (4 months)
  • Include a machine learning theory calls Naïve Bayes Theorem into the application (4 months)
  • Test the application in real world environment and fix any issues related to the application (6 months)

Why is this project needed?

  • To show the capability of computer in helping making a decision
  • Lack of AI application that are user-friendly for children


  • Expose the use of computer with AI capability to children in primary schools in Malaysia

In the greater OLPC/Sugar community?

  • Expose the AI algorithm to the community and helping others in develop other application based on the algorithm

Outside the community?

  • It’ll be a great way to demonstrates the XO capability in running AI application and promotes open source to the world.