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Projects/Kenya HOC AIDSClassroomTrials

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Updated Project Proposal HIV Awareness Among Kenyan Children

Using XO Technology Awareness on HIV/AIDS among children ages 4 – 16

Project Members

Fred Juma Wakasiaka (Team Leader)

Masters in Education (Guidance and Counseling)
Teacher Secondary School
Project Coordinator :Clarion Center for Law and Research International:
Examiner with Kenya National Examination Council
HOD (Guidance and Counseling) Ganjala Sec. School

Grace Nyanchania

Teacher Primary School
KCSE Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

Erisa Martin Tusuubira

Student: Bachelor of Education (ARTS) Year II University of Nairobi

Moses Lemashon

Student : CLPA Part II.

Number of Laptops: 10 Loan Length: 4 months (7) 6 months (1)

Applicant Organization Info


Hands for Charity Off Thika Road Along Kasarani Mwiki Road at Seasons Stage

Erick Masabule c/o Theresa Okello (254) -734-771-385

Project Updated Objectives

1.To help child get basic computer skills using xo laptop
2.Pupils/ Learners to use xo activities to get awareness of HIV/AIDS.
3.To equip the teacher with necessary xo skills to help the learner in HIV/AIDSawareness.
4.To use xo laptop to deliver life skills that will lead to Aids free life
5.Identify appropriate sources o information on HIv/ Aids related issues.
6.Make decisions about personal and social behaviour that reduce risk of HIV and STD infection using the XO technology.
7.Show compassion towards and concern for those infected and affected by v
8.Communicate effectively with peers and others, issues and concerns related to HIV/AIDS and STDs using the XO chat
9.To be actively involved in school and out activities aimed at prevention and central of HIV and STD’s infections

Plan of Action

1. Implement the curriculum developed by the HOC team for HIV/AIDS in classrooms in Bungoma and Kericho districts.
Schools in Kenya have recently introduced lessons in life skills, specifically for HIV/AIDS. The predicament is that there is a big shortage of teachers to utilize this time maximumly in the rural areas where our project will based. The schools are willing and welcoming to external support.
2. We will start with Bungoma and Kericho Districts. A similar programmme will be extended to the neighbouring schools, civic, faith-based groups and NGOs according to available time.

3. The team has studied the objectives of the school curriculum and designed lessons for learners based on the objectives of the curriculum of HIV/AIDS.

School Curriculum


  • First few lessons of implementation in schools and centres will be used to train and aid the learners on how to use and handle XO laptops.
  • They shall also be required to draw diagrams and paint using XO on materials related to AIDS.
  • Discussion and chating using XO-Learners will take some time to exchange ideas at some distance on topics provided by specialists using interlink on XO.
  • Materials from wiki.The group will download information from wiki on internet on various topics as adviced by specialists in various organizations,stored on XO and then learners will use it in different sessions as guided by the participants in our group.
  • Faith-based group programmes-Youths,children and other groups’ programmes will be utilized to provide an interactive,concrete approach to HIV/AIDS education as opposed to abstract approaches provided by most groups.


1. High rate of HIV/AIDS among Kenyans
2. Slow pace of created HIV/AIDS awareness among the infected and affected population
3. High school drop out rate of learners due to loss of parents and guardians is a big social problem
4. Counter the many myths of beliefs in Kenya that aid the spread of HIV/AIDS
5. The XO machines are suitable because they are
a. simplified and tailored for children
b. uses less power and are therefore suitable for Kenya rural communities;
c. XOs are portable and equipped with relevant information for children to express themselves

Sharing and Deliverables

Ten laptops for the center at the school location in Bungoma will be appropriate because it will help us do four sessions per week, each session with ten children. This number is within the ability of the our resources.

Our project blog is Curriculm details will be posted at this site.

Quality and Mentoring

1. Small Solutions is providing mentors who will be available to respond to our questions by email and/or post our conversations on the blog. We welcome any other support gang XO mentoring, as the knowledge of the support-gang group is a great asset to our delivery of a quality program.

2. Teachers from the center will be used in the project implementation

3. By writing reports and articles and holding a conference to promote the work on this curriculum.


August September: The curriculum preparation has been completed and preparatory visits made to the school.
Month 3 Now: The implementation will be carried out during the school term and taught four classes twice a week
At the end of the term we will assess the learning and impact of the program, and publish our reports for the greater Kenyan educational community.
Month 4 - 6 We plan to support a conference on XO learning possibly in coordination with the Kenyan graduate program in education at Kenyatta University.

Accomplishments August and September

Leaders of the groups;Fred, Mary, Mark and Theresa have been meeting(four meetings) and prepared for the implementation of the programme.
1.Pretour of the leaders to the schools where the programme will be implemented to bond with them from 16th AUG 2009.
2.On 8th Aug fundraisng to support the leaders going to the schools before the actual implemetation.
3.From 3rd August to 5th Aug Further trainng of the group members on the use of the XO technology in curriculum implementation.This was very successfull.
4.From 10th to 15th August teachers developed curriculum in readiness for implementation in Bungoma West,Kericho and Bondo/Mbita Districts in Western Kenya.

4. We will visit people living with AIDS,orphans,widows to take pictures, videos and tape the stories on XO that will be watched and listened to during lessons.The nearby health centres and hospitals with AIDS patients will be appropriate for us to get information to be stored on XO for our lessons.
5. The objective is to concretize the information on HIV/AIDS by use of videos, pictures, diagrams some drawn by the learners themselves on the XO laptops..It is noted that most of the information delivered to students in schools is abstract and teacher- centered. XO technology will provide an interactive, concrete and learner-centered approach that is motivating to the learners.
6. The leader and participants will also organize for training of teachers in various schools on the use of XO laptops in order for them to support in teaching using XO technology. Some weekends can used for this training.
7. Actualization of the program using an XO allows users to express their feelings in a safe place, where they have tools to write and create and communicate with their peers.