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>> This March 2008, I will be traveling SouthEast Asia to film an
>> documentary about music and education in the region. As part of
>> the documentary, we're going to organize a "humanitarian visit" to
>> a school in Bangkok, Thailand and give instruments and free music
>> lessons to at-risk youth. We're going to target a parochial school
>> and give them a dozen classical guitars. You can find out more
>> information here:
>> I'd like to see if there's a way where we can collaborate and give
>> away 10 laptops with music tools to the site where we give the
>> instruments. We'd like to document how children can use the
>> laptops to record the music on the instruments that we give them.

We're going to have our humanitarian visit to a school on March 11th in Bangkok, Thailand. 
We have already received a donation of 10 classical guitars from Manuel Rodriguez in Spain, 
the maker of the world's most renowned flamenco guitars... 

Is Tam Tam easy to use for a 10 year old? Does the laptop have in internal microphone that 
could record guitar and/or voice? We have twenty 2-5 minute MIMA Music videos (flash and/or 
mpeg format) about music in different countries around the world. Could we load up these 10 
laptops with this material before shipping them?