Projects/OLPCPH Smoke Testing for XO Gen 1 5

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The time has come to do another round of hardware and software testing.

WenMi01 is here to do the testing again.

I'll be picking up the latest firmware and OS builds and do smoke test and other sorts of testing.

So let's get started.

Smoke testing: 1. Updating firmware 2. Flashing OS build 3. Running Build 4. Starting browse 5. Starting Journal 6. Checking camera 7. Checking sound 8. checking display 9. checking keyboard 10. checking wifi 11. checking mouse/touchpad 12. checking battery and charging 13. Checking suspend/resume process

Those list will be followed to perform OS build and hardware testing.

A test XS-Server will also be built to support the moodle and other functionalities of the XS school server.