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Sankamup is combination of projects that bring together an ability to improve the gathering and distribution of news, as well as the transcription of spoken history, in areas lacking in the ability to do so.

What is Sankamup

Sankamup (Sun Come up) is Pidgin (Tok Pisin)

Sankamup is a combined project involving hardware (long range wireless grid communications), porting of existing Opensource software, in particular Scribus a desktop publishing package, and Celtx a package suitable for "script writing" or story telling. It will also be integrated with an external backend content management system and editorial workflow system, being developed separately.

Where can you find Sankamup?

Our primary development forum is yet to be established (pending domain acquistion)

The development will be hosted on Google Code. There are currently two client components - a port of Scribus to the OLPC Platform for which the repository will be help at and a port of the Celtx (client components) which will be held at

Developers: Peter Quodling (Lead), Chris Baria, Simon Pentanu - will be looking for more as project structure etc finalizes. Thanks also to Michael Hutak (OLPC Australia), Ian Thompson (Secretariat for the Pacific Community), and Andrew Van der Stock (GAIABB Project) sounding board. License: GPLv3

You can follow my twitters at Twitter.


Yet to be defined. Pending arrival of equipment, and first pass of porting attempts.

Stuff I need help with

As yet unknown.