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Projects/Sapote Honduras

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Project Objectives: This project is for a rural, one-room public school in Honduras. This school has no access to any kind of technology at the moment. The purpose of this deployment is to introduce students to the activities on the XO and use the XOs to help the students achieve their learning goals. This project can field test how to use the Honduran curriculum with the activities now available on the XO. This school has thirty 1st-6th graders, so there will be a good age range of laptop users and a variety of learning applications.

Find the latest information about this project at XOs in Honduras

Update: There are now 19 computers at the school and the teacher has one. I am working to get ten more to have one for each students. The students know the basics about how to operate the computer and use the activities. We spent about two weeks of class time focused on Scratch. The language and literature texts for more of the grades are now loaded on the students' XOs. My goal now it to make the project sustainable and possibly grow to include other schools in Honduras.