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Startup project

We have just received our XOs. Our first plan, before going into more ambitious ideas, is to see how kids, teachers, and families take it. For that, we have proposed the directors of the school (Escuela Padre Castaneda in La Plata City) to do a pilot with kindergarten kids. The project will take place during the second part of 2008. The goal is to see if kids (3 to 5 years old) can take the XO home and introduce their families to do some basic stuff (such as taking pictures of themselves to share with other families). After some weeks of work in the classrooms, XOs (and their kids) are ready to start traveling.

This is the brief project statement as it was presented to the school directors (in Spanish).

We have set up a [facebook group] to help us stay in contact and share pictures, links, comments, etc. Feel free to drop by and be part of it.


After some weeks, almost half of the kids tooks the XOs home. They took pictures of themselves and other family members. Moreover, they explored other Activities. For many activities e.g., TamTam variants) it is hard to tell what the kids did as the Journal does not provide much info about it.


After some days of work. Two of the bateries started showing problems charging. It seams it is a case of the [XO LiFePO4 Problem]. I'll try to follow the instructions to recover the battery packs. Just for the records, the battery packs with the problem are S/N:004010801101100003239 (2) and S/N:004010801101100003241 (3). They shut down without any warning (e.g., no red battery led) when they reache aprox 27% of charge.